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The Best Wireless Keyboards for 2020

If you’re short on ports, using a mobile device, or just want to be more comfortable, using a wireless keyboard is ideal. After all, there are no fussy cables tangling around your feet or becoming chew toys for kittens. Still, performance is vital, so finding the best wireless keyboard is a must. That’s where we … Read more

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The daily commute: Ericsson survey details commuter sentiment and the new normal of work

Historically, people have spent large amounts of time commuting to and from the office. A new report looks at sentiment regarding the daily commute and expectations moving forward. Image: iStock/flamingoimages Organizations around the globe have adopted remote work policies to enhance public safety due to COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, people were spending large amounts … Read more

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Is Apple’s One service bundle a good deal?

The problem is, Apple Music aside, are any of these services regarded as class-leading? Would Apple TV+’s ($4.99/month) limited catalog really serve you in place of Netflix ($8.99/month), or Prime Video ($8.99/month), or YouTube ($11.99/month)? Is Apple Arcade enough for you to ditch your PlayStation Plus subscription or Xbox Game Pass? And does News+ offer … Read more

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ServiceNow updates its workflow automation platform – TechCrunch

ServiceNow today announced the latest release of its workflow automation platform. With this, the company is emphasizing a number of new solutions for specific verticals, including for telcos and financial services organizations. This focus on verticals extends the company’s previous efforts to branch out beyond the core IT management capabilities that defined its business during … Read more

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition review: Staggeringly powerful

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card symbolizes why we tell people to wait for the second generation when bleeding-edge technology appears. The radical new-look Turing GPUs inside Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 20-series packed all sorts of cutting-edge technologies designed to usher in real-time ray tracing, a long sought-after goal for the gaming industry. Not only did … Read more

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